Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My lovely midwife tells me I need a new vocab. Because my baby is not
15 days overdue it's on's just on it's own schedule.
Nevertheless I'm as teary, uncomfortable, and grumpy as one would
expect at 42 weeks gestation. Thanks for the well wishes. Will update
when I actually have this kid.


JNo said...

Deep breaths, hang in there....I've been thinking of you all. I keep thinking of the movie The Incredibles "we'll get there when we get there". Hugs and peace your way...JNo

mommapolitico said...

hang in there, Girlfriend. Glad all is well, but you must be going a little nutty at 42 weeks! Hang in there, sending good thoughts your way. Keep us posted!

Monkey Girl said...

Oooh Baby,

I've been thinking of you these last few weeks.

Sending good baby vibes out your way!!!

JNo said...

Time to eat spicy spicy food and do all those other things the "old wives" say induce labor! ha ha ha!

JNo said...

Silver lining - saphires are really pretty for a birthstone!!! It would go really nice with the pearl birthstone for June for some JEWELERY!!!! ha ha ha