Wednesday, June 23, 2010

hello old friend

I'm absolutely itching to write. The feeling can no longer be contained, and so here I am. Writing when I can't seem to get this self expression out any other way. Before I give a big life update, I should let you see the absolute adorableness that has been distracting me from even semi-regular postings.

I know. I can't stand the cuteness either. I'm toying with a couple of different bloggy nicknames for her. Version 2.0 really doesn't cut it for such a little individual. And while we're at it, babyjama isn't cutting it for our big girl who just turned three (I know, it's unfathomable). I'll attach a photo as soon as I can get her to sit still enough for an unblurry shot. I'm sure you know how it is.

We're enjoying summer vacation at the moment. Although Papajama and I are resting much less than we normally do. We're taking shifts this summer. He works mornings, and I work afternoons. It's quite a bit less productive than it sounds (at least on my end) I tend to clean out my email inbox more than anything. Although, my dear husband has always been more task oriented than me, and so it should be no wonder that he usually arrives downstairs from working with his to do list completed. Oh well. Luckily, Jack Donaghy was wrong when he said "Marriage is a competition." (for those of you who watch significantly less television than myself, that was a 30 Rock reference), otherwise I'd be losing.

Anyhow, Papajama is looking for career expansion...movement? Whatever. I'm working with my dad to organize meditation courses and seminars for him to teach. It's fun, but slow going...who knew I was into instant gratification?

Anyhow, I just wanted to put this all out there, and say hello.


JNo said...

welcome back!!!

Pipsylou said...

hello...miss you!!!!! let's get together in the next few weeks, eh?