Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"My Dada Calls Me Monkey"

Ssshhhh! Don't tell our big girl, but I'm making up a new nickname for her.

She's Phoenix. She is, of course, our fiery fiesty girl. Or as the dentist put it...she has an independent streak (this followed him me and two dental assistants trying to get her into the chair). Hmmm, yes, independent.

But then of course, she's complex. She's cerebral, curious, and it's as if she burns herself up and emerges cool and calm and ready for the next challenge, just as a Phoenix would. I've never met anyone else who can go from a tearing rage to completely calm in less than five seconds...and yet, I gave birth to her. She exists; and she's amazing.

But don't tell her I'm calling her Phoenix. She would only correct you and tell you that her Dada calls her monkey. Apparently she only has room for one nickname, and that's ALL.

Our little one on the other hand has a new nickname too, and she's not correcting anyone (yet) so you can feel free to let her know. She is our little Zephyr. It's as if she rode into our lives on a warm breeze (I imagine that breeze was caused by laughter, but you can picture it however you want). She's such a happy baby. She's the one that smiled at three weeks old, and kept all of her smiles just for me in those early days. She possesses mystery complete with her wispy blonde hair with brunette tips and the eyes of a sage. Don't let that sweetness fool you though. She's shrewd, and her every grunt is full of calculated meaning. It's in the eyes, and the regal hand gestures too I suppose. She points the way that I imagine royalty would.

Together they are quite a pair. Phoenix is nearly constant motion. She needs action and adventure and mental stimulation. Zephyr decides on a move and then goes. She keeps watch over all of the happenings, and then gets involved in what interests her. Together they are either laughing or yelling together. They mesh together well, or clash horribly. There's no tidy metaphor to wrap the sibling relationship in, so I'll just leave it as it is. Phoenix and Zephyr, Zephyr and Phoenix. The girls.

Oh and by the way, Phoenix would correct me if she heard me call her little sister Zephyr, too. Her Dada calls the baby koala bear.


JNo said...

What sweet nicknames and the reasons behind them! So so sweet!

Mamajama said...

Thanks, I've been trying to figure out their new "online" names for a while now, and just decided to go with it. How are you these days?

Pipsylou said...

LOVE this! you described your girls to a "t"!